Carb N’ Choke Cleaner

• Quickly penetrates & dissolves gum & varnish deposits
• Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic converters
• Leaves no residue


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Conklin’s Carb N’ Choke Cleaner quickly penetrates & dissolves dirt, gum, & varnish deposits from the carburetor, throttle body, PCV hoses & valves, choke, & carburetor linkages while freeing sticky valves & linkages. Dirt, gum, & varnish deposits can cause rough idling, hard starting, engine stalling, & increased emissions – reducing drivability. Carb N’ Choke Cleaner restores efficiency, reduces gasoline usage, & improves performance & drivability by removing unwanted gum & varnish deposits.

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12 aerosol (15.5 oz.) / case, 15.5 oz. aerosol


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Carb N' Choke Cleaner Spec Sheet