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Learn why America’s hard-working farmers recognize the Conklin AgroVantage System as the most progressive and proven crop management system available today. Maximize the potential of every acre for lower input costs, higher yields, and greater profits.

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Spray Adjuvants

Improve your chemical efficiency with proper adjuvants. Using high quality adjuvants, you can achieve more effective weed control and more effective use of agricultural chemicals.

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Boost your yields with high quality starter and foliar fertilizers.

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Hay & Silage Treatments

Preserve the feed value of your forage and silage. Recover more dry matter and retain more nutrients for your livestock.

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Micro Nutrients

Essential secondary and micronutrients help crops achieve genetic potential for 40 years. These nutrients are designed for co-application with starter or foliar fertilizers.

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Nitrogen Management

Protect your nitrogen from environmental loss, increase your yields, and save money on nitrogen inputs.

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Accelerate the development of your crops with Conklin AgroVantage biostimulants.

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Seed Treatments

Get your seeds started right with easy to use seed treatments.

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Soil and Tissue Testing

Take the guesswork out of diagnosing the nutrient requirements of your soil.

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