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Roof repair and restoration services are in high demand — and we have the solution for almost any need!

Any savvy business owner knows quality, performance, and value are important factors to consider in a roof. But at Conklin, those attributes are just the baseline in the development of our roof systems. Our lightweight, seamless, and weather-proof systems exceed the most rigorous industry standards and do more than just protect—they can actually pay for themselves! Conklin’s white roof systems reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays to keep buildings cooler and reduce air conditioning costs. In addition, periodic recoats can offer superior protection for decades without the expense of a new roof.


newly applied conklin roof system to industrial metal roof

Put Your Trust in Roofing Systems that Perform

workers applying the conklin roofing system to a large industrial building roof
Roof before, during and after applying the conklin roofing system

Back in 1977, Conklin pioneered and formulated the first acrylic, elastomeric liquid roof coating, which offers superior protection against the elements and provides substantial energy efficiency. Conklin’s innovations in the commercial roofing industry moved the company forward while its competitors were still in the lab. Since that time, many companies have entered the cool, reflective roof market; however, no other company offers the superior value and performance of a Conklin roof. Conklin Roofing Systems combine superior-quality products with over 40 years of tested, proven, and trusted performance to deliver unsurpassed value for building owners, property managers, and contractors alike.

In addition, Conklin provides comprehensive commercial roofing systems training programs which, along with continued technical support for contractors using Conklin Roofing Systems, is key to ensuring the performance of Conklin roofs.

The bottom line is that a roof is a long-term investment – not just another expense. And whether you’re a building owner or facility manager, you can be sure that Conklin Roofing Systems are a smart investment to keep your bottom line strong.

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Discover how Conklin roofing systems can help drive energy costs down with high reflectivity, and discover how to make your old roof new again instead of replacing it. 

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