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Improved Performance.
Reduced Maintenance.

Conklin’s tested, proven, and trusted Vehicle Products are designed to increase vehicle and equipment performance, prolong their life, and save you money. Our products are professional grade, but you don’t need a mechanic to use them. Conklin’s Vehicle Products can keep your vehicle running and looking like new.

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Busting rust, cleaning parts, lubricating, or starting engines – whatever your job, our aerosols make it easier.

Cooling System

Cooling System

Keep your cooling systems running effcient and leak-free.

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Fuel Conditioners & System Cleaners

Increase your performance and fuel efficiency!

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Gear Oils & Grease

Our superior gear oils and greases help your equipment operate smoothly.

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Engine Oils & Treatment

Improve engine performance. Extend engine life and drain intervals.

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Power Transmission Fluids & Treatment

Quality fluids help your equipment run cooler and smoother.

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Cleaners & windshield treatments that will make your vehicle shine inside & outside.

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