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4-Power G – Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner

• Dissolves varnish, gum & deposits
• Disperses water
• Inhibits corrosion
• Reduces emissions
• Promotes efficient fuel dispersion & complete combustion
• Eases cold weather starts & prevents fuel line freeze-ups



Designed specifically for gasoline fuel systems, 4-Power G’s advanced formulation aggressively cleans varnish, gum, and deposits from fuel system components, allowing for more efficient fuel dispersion and complete combustion. The 4-Power G gasoline engine formula is intended for use in all gasolines, including ethanol gas (E10, E15, and E85) and gasoline fuel systems where ethanol fuels have been used. It provides:

  • Fuel injector, fuel line, and carburetor cleanup
  • Combustion chamber, valve, and port deposit cleanup
  • Corrosion protection
  • Easier cold-weather starts

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1 pint, 12 pints / case


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4-Power G Spec Sheet


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