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Gold Guard Plus 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lubricant

Gold Guard Plus is a full synthetic, extreme-pressure gear lubricant formulated to exceed the demands of light and heavy-duty usage.  Gold Guard Plus protects gears from a variety of surface stressors, including abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, and adhesive wear, while offering seal protection and compatibility.


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Gold Guard Plus is an extreme pressure gear lubricant that is formulated to exceed the demands of today’s severe gear conditions. It provides protection for gears against surface stress (abrasive, corrosive, fatigue, and adhesive wear). Gold Guard Plus’ superior thermal stability prevents sludge and deposits from forming, even under sustained high temperatures, which keeps critical gear components clean. Further, its exceptional thermal durability protects gear components under extended thermally stressed periods. Gold Guard Plus’ Synthetic formulation provides low temperature properties that ensure proper lubrication at low temperature in start up conditions.

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Exceptional compatibility with commonly used seal materials
  • Good EP protection and durability
  • Superior copper corrosion protection
  • Strong foam suppression
  • Superior storage stability
  • Long-lived Limited Slip frictional performance
    • Promotes smooth clutch engagement without chatter
    • Minimizes NVH (Noise-Vibrations-Harshness) associated with momentary cyclic torque loss
    • Satisfies torque/power requirements necessary for modern vehicles
    • Friction coefficient level maintained over life of fluid for good torque transfer
  • Superior seal protection
  • Very shear stable
  • Improved efficiency

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1 quart, 12 quarts / case, 2.5 Gal, 5 gallons, 55 gallon drum


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