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Mox® Multipurpose Cleaner

Replace multiple cleaners & handle your toughest cleaning jobs with Mox Multipurpose Cleaner.


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One quart of this highly concentrated formula replaces 16 bottles of the leading, pre-mixed multipurpose cleaner. It assures low cost per diluted gallon of cleaner and the versatility of Mox
reduces costs and inventory space by doing the job of various specific-use products. From your greasy kitchen appliances, to grimy bathroom surfaces, Mox handles it all! This powerful, biodegradable formula lifts dirt, grease, grime, coffee, ink, lipstick smears, crayon, messy fingerprints, and much more without using harsh bleachers or solvents.

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1 Gallon, 32 oz., 4 gallons/case, 6 quarts / case


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Mox Multipurpose Cleaner Specification Sheet